Fashion tags

It's one thing to honey your words, it's another thing for your style to sell it. Fashion tags indicate something's utility in social situations. Just about anything can be marked with fashion tags; items with fashion tags are typically articles of clothing and obvious equipment, characters may have fashion tags based on their physical appearance and build, and even injuries may present fashion tags that represent your character's struggles!

What do they do?

Fashion tags describe your appearance and shape the general perception of the character. Someone with five things tagged with cozy, for instance, is likely to be considered nonthreatening by those unfamiliar with them, for better or for worse! This can adjust the difficulty of tests of presence that a character might have to make, or eliminate the need for a test entirely.

In addition, they're a handy way to incorporate +X tags in tests that involve your appearance. A Dark Lord's Helmet for instance, might be tagged with +5 intimidating, which could be used when making a test of presence to alter a deal with a bounty hunter.

Here's an example of a character who has a full set of fashion tags applied to them.

Moonsliver Captain Jo

authoritative Horned helm +3 intimidating helmet Quicksilver armor +3 brawn armor Foerazer +3 large slashing intimidating weapon Moonsliver Crusader Captain Badge +3 authoritative badge

Temporary fashion tags

Depending on how much you want to use fashion tags, it's not unreasonable to use tags like dirty or soaked to represent more transient states of items. After all, it's much easier to convince someone there's a storm coming through if you're drenched!